Executive Leadership Institute


This program concept is designed to address the need for leadership training for the emerging leaders of the non-profit community within the greater Phoenixville area. In Pennsylvania 17% of the workforce are employed within the non-profit sector – approximately 962,000 workers. Recently, much has been written about the impending “brain-drain” as the Boomer generation reaches retirement age and the need to train future leaders – both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. This leadership program will begin to identify the emerging leaders of our local non-profit community. “Most managers exhibit some leadership skills, and most leaders on occasion find themselves managing. Leadership and management are not the same thing, but they overlap.”[John W. Gardner On Leadership] The Executive Leadership Institute [the Institute] will assist these emerging leaders in understanding leadership principles and developing their own personal style of leadership.



MISSION:            To provide executive-level and management-level staff within the non-profit sector an opportunity to gain self awareness, knowledge and experience to become more effective leaders within their professional and personal lives.

ELIGIBILTY:      Executive Directors, Program Managers, and those staff identified by organizations as potential future non-profit leaders.




  • The Institute class will be a maximum of twelve students. There is an application process. There is a non-refundable application fee of $500. Only one representative per organization is recommended.


  • The Institute will be comprised of a ten-month curriculum, meeting monthly for five hours. Classes will include Case Study assignments and the development of an individual leadership action plan. There may also be required readings on leadership topics between each class.


  • Each class will have two, two-hour sessions on aspects of leadership presented by individuals from the for-profit/non-profit, academic, and philanthropic sectors.


  • Curriculum components will begin with a personal self-assessment through the well-recognized Myers/Briggs psychological instrument. From there students will be guided through aspects of leadership and assisted in the development of their personal leadership style as well as the practical application of leadership skills. In addition to an academic presentation, each presenter will provide a case study scenario based on their topic that students will be expected to analyze and discuss. For their final assignment, students will present their own personal leadership plans and goals.





  • The Institute will provide students with an opportunity for self-assessment with regard to personality-style, strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Through the curriculum students will learn about various aspects of leadership and filter their new-found knowledge through case studies designed to challenge their thinking and perceptions
  • Students will be expected to develop a personal leadership plan to include professional goals. As program facilitators, PCHF staff will request updates on this plan at six-month post-Institute and one year post-Institute intervals.



Executive Leadership Institute Application

ELI Application 2017-18
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Executive Summary ELI Long Term Report
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