PCHF Grant updates for 2023

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Beginning with the 2023 annual grant cycle, we will make the following changes to our grantmaking. Annual Grant Cycle

  • Organizations that apply for a grant under our strategic goal related to mental health and substance abuse services will need to attest that those services are researched-backed and delivered or overseen by someone with a clinical license or appropriate educational background.
  • Arts organizations will need to explain how they fit into one or more of our strategic goals.
  • Organizations with cash reserves of 12 months or more will need to provide an explanation for their higher liquidity and what the organization intends to use the funds for.

Mini GrantsStarting July 1, 2023, we will make the following changes to our Mini Grants.

  • To be eligible, organizations will have an annual operating budget of $5 million or less.
  • Organizations may only apply for one mini grant per year.
  • Mini grants may not be used to reimburse an organization for funds that have already been spent, even if the request would have otherwise qualified.
  • The Northern Chester County Fire Chiefs Association category has been eliminated due to lack of use. Local fire companies may still apply for other Mini Grants.
  • The maximum for an AED grant will increase to $2,000 for one unit and a maximum of $4,000 for two units.

What is NOT Changing?All other criteria remain the same. We will continue to fund 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that provide health and human services to residents in our service area. Our current strategic plan remains in effect. Organizations will need to continue to link their request to one or more of our strategic goals.We will continue to have one annual grant cycle with grants awarded in September. Mini Grant will be available throughout our fiscal year unless the funds are spent. Why are we making these changes?As a Trust-Based funder, transparency is important to us. The Foundation board has repeatedly affirmed its desire that the Foundation remain in perpetuity. Our grant funds are tied to the performance of our investment portfolio. Unfortunately, the needs of the nonprofit sector are growing at a rate that outpaces our investments.These changes clarify how the Foundation wants to continue to support the health and wellbeing of our community, and at the same time provide funding in a more equitable manner. We understand that anytime a funder makes changes to its grantmaking, grantees and applicants are, understandably, concerned about what this means for future funding. If you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to us for a conversation. We are here for you! Where else can my organization find funding?The Chester County Library System has many resources to identify potential funders. You may wish to also check out the Regional Foundation Center which has additional resources.If your organization has not participated in our capacity building program, we encourage you to do so. Please email Viviann Schorle (vschorle@pchf1.org) to add your name to our distribution list. We offer many informative workshops throughout the year on fundraising and other nonprofit management topics. These offerings are meant to help you and your team build a strong organization. We welcome your ideas for additional topics. Grant Kickoff ForumWe will discuss these changes at our Grant Kickoff Forum on April 28 from 10:00 am-12:00 pm at the Phoenixville Recreation Center. Register here.




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