Grant Process

Guidelines and Requirements

Does your organization have the following?

IF you can answer YES to all of the above then please proceed to learn more about our grantmaking process

The main Grant cycle will open on Friday, May 5, 2023. The deadline for submission will be Friday, June 2, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

PCHF has four grantmaking initiatives:

Health & Human Services: To ensure equitable access to high-quality and affordable health and human services for all residents in the Greater Phoenixville region.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services: Promote and strengthen access to timely mental health and substance abuse services, especially crisis intervention.

Housing & Public Safety: Support efforts to prevent homelessness and services for those experiencing housing security, and expand opportunities for healthy, safe, and affordable housing.

Capacity-Building & Development: Enhance the quality of services in the region by investing in nonprofit capacity building and development, and by encouraging partnership and innovation.

The Phoenixville Community Health Foundation utilizes an online grant management system. All Grant Requests must be submitted electronically. Click here to

We ask you to please answer questions to the best of your ability. These answers will help guide staff and PCHF Board in our decision-making. We want to understand how your organization is addressing needs in the community through your services.

You should have prepared to upload:

  • Pennsylvania Charitable Organizations Bureau Registration Certificate
  • List of current Board of Directors – Include which are officers, gender identification(or preferred pronouns), age, race/ethnicity, and any members with lived experience relevant to your organization and its services
  • Most recent IRS Form 990
  • Most recent independent financial audit and management letter
  • Current Operating Budget-to-Actual
  • Fiscal year budget to which this grant will apply
  • Program/Project budget- if applicable
  • Optional- Additional Attachments (Examples: strategic plan executive summary, organizational brochure, project timeline, etc.)

Review Process

All PCHF Staff will initially review grant applications and financial documentation to ensure all information is completed. A Grant Committee comprised of PCHF Board members and staff will work collaboratively to review all applications and develop grant recommendations. This process will take place during June, July, and August. PCHF Board and staff recommendations will be presented during September 2023 Board meeting for discussion and approval. All applicants will be informed of the decision after the board meeting.

Award Procedures

Upon making a grant, the staff, on behalf of the Board of Directors, will send an electronic grant award notification to the grantee containing the following items:

  • Grant Award Letter indicating the Board’s positive response to the request and the amount awarded
  • Grant Agreement to be electronically signed will be available on your organization’s grant site in ‘Follow Ups’. The Grant Agreement outlines the mutual responsibilities of both the grantor and the grantee.
  • When the grantee ‘submits’ the signed Grant Agreement, the grant award check will be sent promptly to the grantee.

Progress Reports

NEW-The Foundation requires grantees to do a final report [twelve months] on the grant award. The final report will be assigned via our online portal in July 2024. These can be done in 2 ways: via our online portal or through zoom interviews with one PCHF staff member, and one PCHF board member. The PCHF staff will be taking notes and filling out the final report during the conversation.

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