Grant Funds Available

In 2017 the Foundation conducted a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment. As a result of this needs assessment funding priorities have shifted effective with the September 2018 grant distribution. In an effort to deal efficiently and effectively with the large volume of requests presented to the Foundation, the Directors have established the following funding priorities. Consequently, grants generally are made within the following four categories:

  • Health & Human Services Access Fund
  • Housing & Public Safety Fund
  • Capacity-Building & Community Development Fund
  • Collaboration & Innovation Fund

Requests for funding support generally far exceed the funds available. For this reason, criteria and priorities have been established to assist the Directors and staff in deciding where the funds may be most effectively employed for the betterment of the community.

The impact of the Foundation’s grant making will be judged not only by the financial resources given to the community organizations, but also by the innovative and collaborative relationships the Foundation has with its grant recipients and the impact that the grants have had on the community-at-large.  A list and maps of the geographical area that PCHF supports is available.

Click the title or to learn more about the funds available.  Information about our Mini Grants is available on a separate page.

Grant Making Considerations

As a rule, The Foundation DOES NOT  award Grants for:

  • Direct scholarship support to individuals
  • Purchase of tickets or advertising for benefit purposes
  • Coverage of continuing operating deficits
  • Document publication
  • Pass-through grant support through a third party
  • Groups such as fraternal organizations, political parties or candidates, veterans, labor or local civic groups, and groups engaged in influencing legislation

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