2019 Programs

Champions of the Community

A program to recognize those that serve others in a way that contributes to the overall health and well-being of our communities.

2018 Champions: Rob Chisholm years of service to the Cornerstone Clubhouse and the profound impact he has had on so many people; Lee & Adam Deveney for over forty years of service to the Phoenixville Community; Elizabeth [Betty] Clarke for her tireless work in support of people with cancer diagnosis; Christopher White for more than ten years of service to at-risk high school students.

2018 Champions of the Community. LtoR:
Rear: Rob Chisholm, Elizabeth Clarke, Christopher White
Front: Lee and Adam Deveney

Additionally, A special Champion award was given to the Phoenixville Volunteer Emergency Services in recognition and gratitude to the community volunteers who unselfishly donate time and talents to the greater Phoenixville community to ensure the health and safety of all.

Kimberton Fire Company: Bryan Sims, Matt Cole, Cliff Amole, Doug Gable [not pictured: Charles Fields]
Friendship Dive Team: Joe Behm, Joe Motzer, Tyler Frees, Rick Smethers, and Scott Hamrick

Executive Leadership Institute

To provide executive-level and management-level staff within the non-profit sector an opportunity to gain self-awareness, knowledge and experience to become more effective leaders within their professional & personal lives.

Class of 2019

Standing l/r: Jennifer Willford, Annemarie Weden, Wendy Graham, Olivia Dimmig, Heather Rothman. Seated l/r: Marnie Melvin, Kimberly Dickinson, Elizabeth House

Community Health Leadership Academy

Founded on the belief that the more people get involved in the community for the purpose of positive change, the strong and healthier the community will be.

Class of 2019

Standing l/r: Emily McCarthy, Alyssa Meier, Lara Graham, Zamelia Doswell, Elizabeth Grimshaw, Jane Dugdale. Seated l/r: Rebecca Peck, Theresa Thornton, Chelsea Perugini

Additional Programs

Additional Capacity-Building Programs offered to the Non-profit sector serving the greater Phoenixville region:

Brown Bag Seminars

  • Quarterly seminars on topics regarding non-profit organizations: governance, fundraising, communication,
  • 2018-19: 51 individuals participated

Major Donor Training

  • Developed to assist small to mid-sized non-profit organizations, that may not have designated fund development staff, become comfortable with, and skilled at, the essential financial development avenue of the individual donor.
  • 2018-19: 40 individuals, representing ten organizations, participated.

Dr. John M. Kelley Memorial Evaluation Institute
The Assessment of Program Outcomes

  • Since its inception in February 2017 200 individuals [Board and staff] from eighty-three organizations have completed this curriculum.